Central Laboratory

Лаборатория МГПЗ

 Each enterprise which cares about its reputation pays special attention to the quality of produced goods. High quality indicators of our products are linked tightly with a wide range of organizational, technological and technical factors and the main one is the plant’s laboratory with its 50-years traditions.


Nowadays our laboratory is one of the largest analytical centers in the Central Federal District concerning pure gases and gas mixtures quality control. It has its own traditions and employs only cutting edge working methods. Central plant laboratory is equipped with high-tech equipment and this fact allows us to face the most complicated challenges related to gas production. And together with high qualification of our personnel we may perform gases and gas mixtures analyses of high accuracy which meet the requirements of Russian and international standards. JSC “MGPZ” possesses a 1st digit working standard of gas mixture component’s volume ratio. This fact enables us to produce more than 200 kinds of gas mixtures including zero gases. Due to effective organization of laboratory’s working process we are sure that quality of services meets the price.


Products’ quality assurance.

Our main concern is the client’s confidence in the fairness and objectivity of the analyses we performed. The accuracy of our analyses is gained due to the strictly regulated system of sample collection, internal quality management system, effective work activities management, employment of high-tech equipment and qualified personnel and consistently improvement of analytical methods.


The results of analyses performed in our laboratory become an exclusive property of our clients and they can’t be forwarded to anybody without our client’s consent.

Our experience.

Central plant laboratory performs more than 10 000 analyses of pure gases and gas mixtures samples every year and we have accumulated valuable experience for Russia in the sphere of laboratory research and analytical works.

Professional integrity.

We check the accuracy of our tests by internal quality control management (10% of all analyzed samples) and by external control i.e. inspection by accreditation authorities and our customers. All intermediate results at each stage are recorded and stored during the stipulated term. We have always tried to exclude fraud and influence of all related parties on the results of analyses.

Being a leader means meeting quality criteria.

Our laboratory is one of the leading in Russia both by equipment and by the number of characteristics determined in gases. We consistently introduce new analytical methods, renew equipment and enhance the list of determined characteristics.

Improving ourselves is our daily concern.

We are not satisfied with what we have already achieved and we always strive to improve what we have. In 2012 we opened chemical analytical laboratory and together with All-Russian Metrology Research Institute we have been working on the expansion of the list of the gas mixtures we produce. We have also designed and introduced the complex program of laboratory development until 2015.

Quality policy.

Our mission:

Our mission is to contribute to improvement of living standards by providing reliable information about our products and the environment. We perform physicochemical analyses of gases and gas mixtures, develop and sell certified analysis methods, provide trainings for effective organization and performance of analytical works.

Our goals:

We strive to offer high quality services and meet fully our customer’s requirements and interests of all related parties i.e. clients, employees, shareholders, partners and society. We are aimed at maintaining the status of a model unbiased laboratory which guarantees the reliability of the results. We also want to retain our leading position on the market of gas analytical services, promote training services and contribute to distribution of up-to-date experience and knowledge in the sphere of qualifies analytical services provision.

Our tasks:

  • Development of analytical methods, their registration and modernization of analysis’ technologies.

  • Building of long-term mutually beneficial relations with partners and customers.

  • Provision of safe working conditions.

  • Participation in development of state standards and preparation of professional publications.

  • Performance of endless internal quality control.

  • Participation in the process of further trainings for employees and their involvement in the quality management process.

  • Attraction of new customers by means of putting into practice marketing policy and dynamic promotion of our services.

  • Chief of Laboratory  V.P. Polin

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